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About me

Certified in Life Purpose Coaching (CMA - Accredited) 
Certified InnerMost Shift Coach (ICF - Accredited) 
Licensed NLP Practitioner (The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Dr. Richard Bandler)

The power lies within us. It's always been, and it'll still be. However, some things act as hindrances in our pathway and refrain us from living a life we strive for. But we, as enlightened beings, got the power to unlock and utilize the very substance or potential that lies within us.

  Let me take you through my journey. A decade ago, I was living my life under a whole lot of confusion that held me back from living my dreams and achieving my aspirations. I was working hard but in vain as I had no clue where to put my effort and how. In other words, I believe, I was held back from connecting to my inner, the higher self. I was switching jobs after jobs, working harder than before, going for reading and writing, and doing almost anything that was in my mind. But, but, but, as I told you earlier, all in vain. Efforts were directionless. I needed a guiding light. And so, I turned this into my next stop. "Clearing people's path" became my goal.

 And, long story short, here I am, coaching and helping people shape their future, clear their path. I'm very much grateful that the Almighty turned me this way so that I can help my fellow beings live up to their aspirations

  So, dear future masters, let me take you on this beautiful journey of you, clearing all your doubts and confusion and beautifying the rest of your lives. Let me accompany you in your quest for success. Shall we get in touch? See you and Take care. 

About Me: About Me
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