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John F. Kennedy

 “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

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Dreams Into Reality

Achieve Your Goals

Are you being authentic 'YOU'? 🤔

We are the product of our environment, our experiences.

When we are born 👶 we learn from our caretakers most of the things including language, manners and even take their beliefs.

We mould ourselves according to what people believe however when we come to a certain age, we come to realise that somewhere something is still missing in life.

This is not what I want to become and this is not something that I want to do. 😔

We easily get influenced by our surrounding and we take action as per their opinion and what seems to be practical but never gave a thought to what our dreams are and what do we want to do in this life.

Sometimes we even get frustrated 😤 by doing something which we don't even love and does not bring us happiness but we still do it because we think that we can't do anything else other than this.

We must question ourselves, where did this belief come from that 'I can't do anything else'. 🧐

Is it from the outside world?
Did anybody tell you this because 'they' think you cannot do it?

God has made each of us unique and special. 😎

Gifted us with much more ability, talent and potential far beyond our imaginations.

The day we realise, this we can truly decide to live our lives on purpose, do what we love to do and become what we truly want to become. 😇

I was wandering in my life seeking the answer until I discovered my purpose.

And it has become my purpose in life to help people who are in their young age to find their purpose and live the life they want to live.

Please DM me for Life Purpose group coaching sessions and one on one sessions. 📝

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